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Army Men Strike Description:

Toy soldier, RC car, transformable robot… Have you ever dreamt of assembling an army of toys to fight with your buddies in your childhood? It’s never too late to realize your dream! Try it out in Army Men Strike now!

Collect toys, build your own Command Center, recruit toy heroes of varied types, train toy soldiers, and build your wonderland of toys!

Embrace the nostalgia of playing with little plastic soldiers!

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Recce with your RC plane, explore mysterious rooms, seek treasures in the garden. Build a corps with your friends, and rally to conquer the Mad Scientist. Strategize and lead your army men to the battlefield to fight for victory and for glory!

Commander, your toy army is ready for action! Give your order and head for the battlefield!


What’s New 1.23.1:

Update 1.23.1
–What’s New–
1. Soldier Promotion: Promote soldiers to one level higher with Plasticizer in Logistics Center (Chinook)
2. Soldier Strengthening: Strengthen soldiers with Spray in Training Base to improve their stats
3. Corps Command: Build Corps Command with your allies to have Corps Sector and other corps buildings
1. MOD recruitment in progress. Please see AMS Studio mail for more details.
2. New events coming: Deep Battle, Arcade Competition. Please stay tuned!

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Army Men Strike APK DownloadVersion: 1.23.1
Updated: April 26, 2017
Offered By: Lunanova.
Category: Strategy
Army Men Strike APK Download

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